The making of EVE The making of EVE
2019 04 28

The making of EVE

It all started with a book on Russian criminal tattoos, I don't have any tattoos myself, but I loved this book. The tattoos in it are depraved and extreme, and the idea of a tattooed wedding dress got stuck in my head.

Sometimes I don't have much self-control when it comes to keeping an idea pure, so it quickly morphed into a mixture of tattoo art & Mexican Catholic art, a slightly disconnected set of stories and symbols just as a real tattooed body tends to be. The back depicts Eve and the snake and apple, a story I somehow relish, as Eve is the one who gives into the sin, and I think yeah, good for her.

I wanted to dress to have endless details to find so that the longer you look the more you see, hidden symbols and poetry, angels, moths and skeletons, dying roses on thorny stems. There is a steamy line from one of Arthur Millers' love letters entwined in the thorny roses of the skirt, "Come closer to me, come closer, I promise you it will be beautiful". 

Photography by Magic Owen

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